Monday, December 10, 2012

Featured release: 'Audio Games' by Agent Zero

Agent Zero at performing November's Double Dip (Joe Norris Photography)

Agent Zero (real name Noah Selwyn), born in Peru, raised in Connecticut, has been making waves in the Philadelphia music scene for a couple of years now, playing at various parties until joining the ranks of Psy.Fi in February of 2011.  Since then, he has been a fixture at our events.  Living in the same house in South Philly for a year, I heard the creation of his sophomore release 'Ones & Zeros' from start to finish and witnessed, first hand, the evolution of this electronic musician.  His most recent effort, an EP titled 'Audio Games', shows a remarkable leap forward in style and effectively showcases his versatility as a producer.  With four brand new tracks and two remixes (from local producers Wooferface and Get Up), 'Audio Games' goes well beyond the dance floor aesthetic that is currently over saturating the American electronic music scene, venturing into the realm of straight-on listening music that is fit for a travel soundtrack or at home, in an arm chair.  Agent Zero has taken the time to answer a few questions about his most recent project.  After reading, check out the links at the bottom to gain possession of his two most recent works! 

What made you decide to put together an EP rather than taking the time to produce another full length release?

As much as I love putting out whole LP's of music & just judging by my
own listening experiences in social media networks, people tend to
have less time to listen to whole LP's during their day. I usually get
sidetracked after about 3 or 4 tracks unless the music really grabs
me. I like to do a mix of both though, the more the merrier.

What were your influences going into the production of this EP?

I was really inspired after the response after the  'Ones & Zeros' LP
release and having just gotten back from my yearly humanitarian trip
in Ecuador left a bunch of creative energy to get out in music. Also,
just exposing myself to all kinds of music from and
different internet radio stations to live shows and all my friend's
music always helps the musical mind expand more.

How did the experience of producing 'Audio Games' change from the experience of producing 'Ones & Zeros'?

Overall it was made faster. The APC 40 that I acquired recently sped
things up. The production quality has just gotten better and the
innovation of new musical ideas from Audio Games  is on the next level
from Ones & Zeros. The overall experience of production and musical
ideas grow every day.

Could you explain the concept behind the title 'Audio Games'?

My friend asked me what my favorite video game is and I said "Ableton!
but I guess thats more of an audio game than a video game" Right after
that I thought it would be cool for an EP title. :)

Is there anything you learned during the production of 'Audio Games' that you would like to explore further in future productions?

I learned a bunch of things that have built off my previous knowledge,
(more complex routing, recording techniques, live instruments) I am
currently venturing more into custom effects building and adding more
instrumentation to my live performance arsenal.

What can we expect in the near future from Agent Zero?

You can expect more releases and you can expect the unexpected!  I got
some cool things in the works that I don't want to tell people just

Check out the track "Rising Sun (featuring Rachel Evergreen and Jarrett Z on guitar)" from 'Audio Games'
'Audio Games' can be acquired by clicking on the cover image:

'Ones & Zeros' can be acquired by clicking on the cover image: