Sunday, April 28, 2013

Featured event: PIFA Street Fair, April 27, 2013

The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia hosted their second Festival of the Arts this year, which is a month long, city wide program that showcases exciting, forward thinking creativity from around the world.  For this year, the theme was "If I Had a Time Machine..." where artists engineered installations to take the public through different points in planetary and human history.  In their lobby, the Kimmel Center had a "time tunnel" installed that was a full walkthrough exhibit.  This was held in various places in Philadelphia from March 28th to April 27th.  On the final day, they held a street fair on south Broad Street from Chestnut to South Street, including installations, performances,  rides, food, and tons more.  Here are some of things that I happened upon while visiting the street fair.

Eric Geoffrey (Philadelphia School of Circus Arts) juggling fire
ZO Prod Konstructors: Time Machine Welders

Dinosaur Petting Zoo

Rock-It The Robot

PIFA Ferris Wheel

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